The Band Alliance

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What it is...


The Band Alliance is an organization existing in cyberspace that connects Filipino musicians and singers working as live music performers around the world.  It has no formal structure and no elected officers.  It is a dynamic movement propelled by personal and group initiatives toward the objectives of the organization.  



The membership is open to all Filipino bands that perform live music locally or abroad for a living.  It is also open to hobbyist musicians and singers who believe in the primacy of the Filipino live music performers.  



  • To promote the “Filipino Musician” as a world-renowned brand in live music entertainment;  
  • To enjoy the same freedom enjoyed by musicians of other nations through a drastic reduction of bureaucratic red tape; 
  • To develop a stronger and more competitive live music industry by instituting sustainable training programs that broaden the skillset of musicians and singers;  
  • To propose legislations that will allow musicians and singers easy access to affordable housing, health care and a pension plan.


The Logo

The concentric circles represent the different live performing bands, groups, and acts whose various interests somehow intersect and unite in a common circle. The common circle or the core is the Filipino Musician and the Philippines. The colors represent the energy and vigor that Filipino bands impart on their audience around the world.